Saturday 6 December 2008

Cards for Eid Al-Adha: Second Batch

These are the last of the cards I made a few weeks ago (first batch), thinking I could make a few quickly.

The background for this was one of a series of different coloured pictures I cut out from a university brochure. They were all shots of natural patterns in different colours. The blue background below is from the same source.

A gold frame from my box of bits, mini stamps in gold and some square gems in hot pink which I really love.

The pictures above and below are from an Eid magazine put out by the Mayor of London for Eid ul-Fitr 2008 featuring the work of an artist called Shahida Ahmed. (I found the magazine online here).

The butterfly background for this card was some printed paper I cut in half and added gems to. I love how girly this one is. My office has almost all women, So I think I will give this to my colleagues (My mum is very feminine and this was originally for her, but she is in Pakistan).

For the cards below I cut in half a peice of handmade textured paper and tried two different ways of decorating them.

For the last card I cut sqaures using a die cut out of glittery pink paper and decorated them using left over bits I had.

Although we will be celebrating Eid discreetly this year and I won't be sending cards to family or friends, it's still nice to give a few to non-Muslim neighbours, workplaces and schools. Little Lady took the last one to school for her class along with a big tub of chocolates. Another will go to my mum's neighbours with a plate of food. The rest are for my cousins to take to work or give to their teachers. A sweet and easy kind of dawah I think.

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  1. MashaAllah!
    Lovely work.

    Havent heard from you in a long while, hope you are doing well.