Tuesday 2 May 2017

Silly Boys and Golden Bikes

Last week one day Little Man called me as I was leaving work and asked me to buy him some gold spray paint for a project. I asked him to check the shop around the corner and let me know if they had some. He called back ten minutes later to say they had none in stock.

On the way home, I asked my husband to stop at a hardware shop to pick some up, they informed us they no longer stocked spray paint. They recommended we tried the DIY store, we travelled there to find they had gold spray paint on special offer, but it had sold out. Hubby suggested we try a car parts store he knew of. They turned out to have every colour apart from gold, because not many people have gold cars of course. Finally I rang my favourite uncle and asked if there were any at the warehouse he works at. He confirmed there was, so hubby said he would drop me home and go and pick some up. Close to home, he had the idea of checking at the shop by our house, I told him Little Man had checked, but he didn’t think it would hurt to take a look. They happened to have gold spray paint.

I wasn’t very impressed with Little Man for sending us around the houses, but in his defence he had asked the shop keeper, who had just told him they were out of stock.

He used it for his project, which was a backdrop for a special school assembly about motivation, where he also read out some quotes with his best friend. 

That would have bene the end of it, except the next day I came home from work and LL looked very pleased with himself. He led me to the garden to show me the upgrade he had just made to his bike:

He sprayed most of it gold, including the wheels.  He seemed to think everyone at school would be very impressed with his gold bike...

I am expecting plenty more of this kind of silly business in the next few years, certainly from the boys, but Baby seems to have a streak of it in her too.  To be honest it never bothered me.  I would rather they jumped off things, broke things and painted them silly colours if it meant that they were being kids a little longer.  

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