Monday 29 May 2017

Ramadan Journal 2017: Day 2 - Early

Early morning and the suhoor (pre-dawn) meal have always felt a little surreal, whether my in-laws are staying and laughing and joking at 2pm or the children waking up and joining us and looking very confused at the meal and the strange hour.

This year my three elder children are fasting with us.  As it is the half-term holidays, I have allowed them to stay up later so that they have more time to eat if they want to.  They also struggle to wake up for suhoor, so last night decided to stay up all night and go to bed after the fajr (dawn) prayer (a lot of people seem to be doing this, this Ramadan).

I was dubious they could stay up and was a little annoyed at the noise I could hear when I was trying to catch an hour or two of sleep before I had to get up again - laughing, talking and for some reason running up and down stairs.

A little later I came downstairs to find the boys fast asleep and looking rather comfortable:

They were right, it was very hard for them to wake up.  It took numerous trips back from the kitchen and lots of shaking and pulling out of bed.  They got up eventually, but Gorgeous seemed to eat his whole breakfast (his fave paratha and chilli eggs) with his eyes closed.

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