Friday 28 April 2017

Good Deed for Friday: Supporting the Dispossessed Bedouins of the Negev

previously blogged that I hope to publish an irregular blog post on some Fridays, sharing a charitable campaign or a beneficial project that readers can donate to or contribute to in some way.

This weeks campaign is to help Brother Noor Abu al-Qiyan whose home was demolished to make way for a Jewish village on the site:

"Noor Abu al-Qiyan lost everything on 18th Jan 2017 when his father was murdered, his house and possessions bulldozed, his family's life savings stolen and his herd of cattle and chickens largely destroyed, as part of the ethnic cleansing of his village Umm al-Hiran by the State of Israel to make way for a Jewish village on the site. Two weeks after his father's death, Noor's grandfather died from a broken heart.

The Bedouins living in "unrecognised" villages in Israel have a particularly difficult life as the state refuses to provide them with the most basic of facilities such as electricity, running water or sewage. They are a neglected and discriminated community in the midst of a cruel and inhuman reality. Noor's story is particularly painful, because his father, Yakoub, a respected teacher and an outstanding member of the community, was shot dead on the day the state came to demolish his village.

He is mourning for the loss of his father and grandfather, his home and his animals. All Noor's clothes and textbooks and other possessions were lost under the rubble of his home. Neither Noor nor the rest of his family were given time to salvage hardly anything before the demolitions began. In addition, all the solar panels and water storage tanks from their homes were destroyed, in itself an act amounting to a loss of tens of thousands of dollars."

How Can You Help

The campaign was started by one of Brother Noor's teachers and is trying to raise £15,000 to assist the family to rebuild their lives.  You can go to the campaign page to donate here.

You shall not attain righteousness until you spend out of what you love (in the way of Allah). Allah knows whatever you spend. ~Quran (3:92)

Those who spend their wealth in the Cause of Allah, and do not follow up their gifts with reminders of their generosity or with injury, their reward is with their Lord. On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve” ~Quran (2:261-262)

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