Wednesday 31 May 2017

Ramadan Journal 2017: Day 4 - List

Despite my best efforts at planning ahead and making lists, I find that a lot of our routines and timetables go out of the window during Ramadan. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing. I find that we fall into much more of an organic routine during Ramadan, based on the timings of our prayers, how much we can manage to do at any given time and how much rest we need.

I find myself going with the flow and taking a gentler approach to the day to try and avoid the headaches and tiredness that can come with the first few days of fasting. I still have to be careful not to forget things and a little planning still helps me to make better use of my time. At the moment I am still relying on my trusty Filofax domino which I have just got the new mid-year inserts for June 2017 to June 2018 for. This has all of my own, my husbands, the kids and my mother-in-law’s appointments, important dates, school dates and activities listed. It has my to-do list allocated to certain days so that these items are broken down into manageable activities, with urgent ones in red of course. I make a note of any leave I take from work, in case I have to account for my days off of work. I also track my periods and my weight in the diary. I rule off a small section on the side of each page to try and use for my meal planning. Finally my creative projects are allocated a day (in purple writing) and any social activities, fun stuff and unscheduled time is in pink. Ideas or topics to blog for any given day are noted at the bottom of each day’s space in green. This little organiser has been a bit of a life saver and helped save me from forgetting important things

The other thing I like to keep my thoughts organised is Google Keep, which I find is a lot of fun and acts as a sort of visual aid to keep things in front of me. I use it to make lists of things that matter to me and refer back to it daily as a prompt and source of motivation.

Finally, the list that I have yet to make is the one for Eid preparations. I usually do most of this before Ramadan when I am being organised, but this year distractions have meant that I am only just starting to think about it: who needs new clothes, colour schemes for d├ęcor, meal planning and whether we want to have an Eid party. This is the kind of list I enjoy most – preparing to have fun and count my blessings. 

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