Wednesday 31 May 2017

Ramadan Journal 2017: Day 5 - Love

I love the ebb and flow of the days during Ramadan. In some ways it is so different from the usual days of the month. The day time naps, the long evenings with lots of time to do things before dinner, the surreal feeling of being awake in the small hours of the night.

I love that there seems to be more dedication as well as time to spend to the daily prayers and reading of the Quran. This is something I aspire to, but in this month it seems to become a reality.

I love the hope that this month brings – of dua’s answered, of forgiveness, of Allah’s (SWT) mercy and of his barakah in our lives. It feels as if anything is possible and any problem is surmountable with Allah (SWT)’s help.

I love to see my older children fasting and getting through the day with a sense of achievement.

I love the chance to experiment with new foods and recipes. What is it about Ramadan and special foods that gets the creativity going? This year I have learned to make smaller portions of everything because we are finding we can only eat a little and also so that a lot of food is not wasted if a recipe doesn’t taste quite right. I’ve been especially trying out different salads and ways to reuse leftovers: trying avocado for the first time, adding a spoon of shop bought coleslaw or potato salad to my salad to make it more interesting. Leftover tandoori chicken got made into chicken and potato pasties which went down a treat and leftover fruit goes into smoothies and fruit salads. I’ve also been trying out small batches of new drinks such as smoothies and this home-made pink lemonade (recipe to follow) insh’Allah.

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