Thursday 11 May 2017

Pretty Dresses from Pakistan

Mum-in-law came to stay with us for her annual five month summer stay. She spends sunny winters in Lahore and mild summers in London with us. She gets to enjoy the milder seasons, spend Ramadan here and avoid fasting in the intense heat of Pakistan. She also has her busy social circle of family, neighbours, my parents friends, the mums and grans she has met on the school run or in the park and just about anyone else she happens to meet and say hello to. Most of all she loves being around her grandchildren and like all of us is besotted with our two youngest girls and their antics.

She always brings me something to wear for Eid, sometimes I like it, other times I am not so sure.  She says having six son’s means that she has no clue how to shop for fashionable women’s wear.  I always wear them regardless, the intention and thought means a lot.

She can’t very walk much anymore, so she took her wheelchair and my sister’s-in-law for assistance and advice.  It must have been a mission to get that wheelchair into some of those shops.  This year I really loved what she brought for me and will save the outfits for Eid:

Thankfully the fashion has moved away from bling, heavy stones and shiny fabrics to thread work on cotton and linen which is comfortable and much more wearable.  The dresses are a little shorter this year with smart trousers.  The black and beige trousers I could wear with other other tunic tops.

She also brought back roast peanuts and some very nice barfi, a creamy sweet made from milk which is dissappearing fast alhamdulilah


  1. Assalamualaikum sister. I stumbled upon your blog and im glad i found it. I am from Malaysia. I am married with 6 children so your stories is a delightful picture of myself when my kids were small and mischievous. All the dresses your mum in law bought for you are so nice and comfy looking. By the way i went to London in 2015 and stayed at ibis hotel besides East London Mosque. Enjoyed myself eating at the many Pakistani Restaurant there.

  2. Anonymous12 May, 2017

    Salam aleykoum dear sister,
    These outfits are lovely machAllah! Fresh and simple! Love them

  3. Really pretty suits, love how wearable they are!

    1. Thank you, wearing the black one today as its Jummah, and it's very comfy

  4. brilliant attires, applaud for her love and concern