Friday 25 April 2014

Ramadan and Eid Planner 2014/1435

I find that Ramadan and Eid are so much more productive, pleasant and rewarding if you do a little planning beforehand. I can’t always stick to all of the things I plan, but even if I get to do some of them it’s still very satisfying. It might feel a little early to be thinking about Ramadan with about two months to go, however we can consider the example of the Sahabah (RA):

Ma’ali bin Fudail said, ‘They used to ask Allah the Almighty six months before Ramadan to grant them long life so that they could reach Ramadan and they used to ask Allah the Almighty six months after Ramadan to accept their fasting’.

I have posted before about planning ahead for Eid and Ramadan and posts about Ramadan have usually been the most popular in terms of comments and traffic. Over the years, I started planning ahead in my organiser and then in a Word document on my computer the things I needed to do to make the months ahead easier. This has grown into my Ramadan and Eid Planner 2014/1435 (PDF):

  • Simple goal-setting for Ramadan
  • Some practical suggested activities you can undertake now, a month before, a week before and during Ramadan, with space to include your own actions and thoughts
  • Space to plan ahead for the month of Dhul-hajj and the Sacrifice
  • The Sunnan of Ramadan and both Eid’s
  • Deciding what you want to get out of Eid and how you can do that
  • A short reading list of useful materials on Ramadan and Eid
  • Prompts to reflect on Ramadan after the month has ended and retaining some of the benefits of the blessed month
The planner is 42 pages and I have tried to keep it fairly print friendly. I hope this planner serves as a useful tool for brothers and sisters in making the most of Ramadan this year and having blessed and happy Eid’s insh’Allah.

If you find this planner beneficial, please make dua for me and my family. Your feedback is welcome either in the comments or via e-mail at and I will be happy to take your thoughts into consideration for an updated version in the future if there is demand insh’Allah.


  1. Every year I try to get organized- make lists, plan meals etc. and it just seems that I kind of fall apart somewhere in the middle.

    Jazak Allahkhair for posting this, it is very detailed, inshAllah I will use it to get more organized this Ramadan!

  2. This is super detailed and very helpful!! It's like a planner personally made for me :). Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much! Jazak Allahkhair!