Saturday 5 April 2014

Picture of the Day 05.04.14 - A Stolen Moment

I have been suffering from a headache for the last few days.  I get these every few days at the moment if I don't eat regularity.  I went to bed with it, woke up at dawn for prayers with it when reading Quran helped and then woke up again a few hours later it.  I think they are part stress-headaches when there is too much going on in my head.  Things to write, projects to finish, things I am planning.  What to do with the kids during the Easter holidays, where to take them, whether we can afford to stay away for a few days. Of course, the pile of paper of paperwork to get through, Little Lady's Islamic school application, the piles of laundry on my bedroom floor, the basket full of washed clothes to put away, the machine full writing to be hung out, the sink full of last nights dishes, the bottles to be washed and sterilised....

So this morning, I sneaked past stirring children and sleepy husband and into the garden with a big glass of water, some painkillers and a packet of crisps in lieu of a sensible breakfast.

I just sat for half an hour and watched the wind blowing the petals off the blossom on my neighbours pear tree (everything is covered in blossom in London at the moment, it looks so pretty).  It's like watching snow float down but without the cold.

I'm loving my little garden at thee moment.  Mum-in-law and dad-in-law spent last summer bringing it all to one level and replacing all of the tiles  so the kids could play.  It feels much bigger than before.  They reduced the beds, which upset me at first, and they brought them flush with the edge of the garden where there was a big gap of wasted space before.

Dad-in-law also put up big fences which makes the garden feel very private, like a little peaceful sanctuary.  I've been filling it with flowers in time for mum-in-laws return at the end of the month.

After my little time out, I felt peaceful and soothed and my headache eased off in time to tackle dishes, breakfast, Little Man's request for ice-cream (we negotiated deferment until after lunch) and laundry.

My little quiet time in my sanctuary has stayed with me and I brought Darling and Little Lady outside to enjoy the blossom petals with me later in the day.
(Darling rocking her new summer sandals and green socks combo).

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