Tuesday 1 April 2014

Impromptu Henna

I think I have mentioned that my new neighbours are really lovely.  They moved in a few months ago and me and mum-in-law have made firm friends with thee neighbour and her teenage daughter.  Her daughter (N) comes round on weekends to help my children with maths and literacy tuition and is great at keeping them in line.

She came round this weekend and I noticed how nice her henna is.  Someone had sent her some henna so she offered to decorate Little Lady's hands.

This is the design on her hand:

Little Man got in their first and got this bee design on his palm.  Good job I took this picture straight away, because within two minutes there was a perfect print of the bee design on Little Lady's pink al-Amirah hijab.

Gorgeous wasn't going to be left out (his was smudged in minutes too):

I absolutely loved the job she did on Little Lady:

Mash'Allah she is very good.  She did offer to do my hands but I had the dishes and the ironing waiting for me so couldn't.  She laughed that I made the same kind of excuses her mum does.  She mentioned she would like to decorate some pillar candles, does anyone know where you can get them for a reasonable price?

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