Monday 14 April 2014

A Lovely Week at Home

I've spent the last week at home with the children and have a lovely week alhamdulillah.  I did want to go away for a few days, but decided to spare us the cost, planning an dpacking and take it easy.

In the end we spent a day in Brighton, visiting Brighton Pavilion, the beach, the pier and the museum.

We took a picnic: chicken sandwiches, lamb burgers, pilau rice and chicken pasta and after all of the activity, we absolutely relished it.

Hubby took the boys to Luton to get his car serviced and visited Fashionista sister and my brother in Law A, who they adore, so the boys could say hello.  There they were treated to a spin in her brother-in-laws convertible, which made their day and got treated to chicken and chips.  They conned him into buying them large cans of fizzy drink which they are not allowed, by telling him I let them drink them.

I and my girls took the opportunity to have our own girly day.  We went out and had hot chocolate and croissants for breakfast, hung out at the library and looked at make-up in the shop.  Little Lady tried out lots of colours and helped me pick some nude shades and a dark red lipstick.  By this time Darling was fast asleep, so we had lunch at a yummy Turkish meze restaurant, where we shared a mixed grill, chicken wings and chips and talked lots.

I spent lots of time in the garden, sitting out first thing in the morning with a glass of water and doing nothing for a bit.

Everything is blooming and there is lots of colour.  I also got the kids a little gazebo.  They promptly moved the bench in and made it into their club house.

We strung up some coloured solar lights that come on at night.  The kids love these and Darling likes looking at them through the window.

I usually do the cooking at home, but hubby makes fab paratha's.  He left for work early one morning and made me a paratha stuffed with leftover cauliflower and potato.  I wasn't hungry again for most of the day.

Towards the end of the week we visited Lullingstone in Kent which had lots to do.  We visited Lullingstone Castle and World Gardens which were really pleasant.

We also visited Eagle Heights which is a wildlife sanctuary and watched a very cool birds of prey display which my boys absolutely loved.

The kids have another week off and I am off at the end for a long weekend which includes Easter Monday, so hopefully will have more planned.  In the meantime, I have a weeks worth of work to catch up on.


  1. I am so happy you had a cherishing week with your family. You deserve it. I read your blog then and there. You have a very good way of expressing things. No nonsense. I have never commented on any blog until now. But after reading this I cannot skip commenting. It gave me a kind of happiness and peace to see a family having good time together considering the situation I am in right now. May Allah last your happiness forever. Ameen.

    1. Salaam Thas,
      Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time. I hope that after the difficulty, Allah (SWT) sends you ease soon insh'Allah as is his promise.
      Thank you for making the time to stop by and to comment.

  2. Lots of good food, outings, shopping - Sounds like a great week! BTW, doesn't Fashionista Sister have a blog? I don't see any updates nowadays, so was wondering where she was.

    1. Salaam Fab,
      I always look forward to your comments.
      I linked to Fashionista's blog above (I forgot). She has updated in a while, but she is well, just super busy with teaching, married life and some seriously good cake making.