Tuesday 15 April 2014

Picture of the Day 15.04.14 - Cook Off

I came home from work today to find Little Lady in a bad mood.  After some sulky faces and a sullen silence, I managed to find out what was wrong.  She was annoyed she'd been stuck at home all day.  So I asked her to come to the butchers and grocers with me, which she did, but still looking fed up.  So on getting home, I handed her a cook book and asked her to make one of the recipes.

My husband brought this book back from a shop in Lahore called Ferozson's a few years ago.  I looked through it and the recipes didn't appeal to me at the time.  I recently picked it up again and some of the recipes had me intrigued.

The recipe I picked for her was Russian Salad (a version by the same author is here).  This cheered her up no end.  She found all of the ingredients, made the dressing, peeled the veg and once I'd boiled the carrots and potatoes and helped with chopping, mixed everything together.

While she cooked, I used this recipe to make a Chicken Jalfrezi.  Everyone loved it.

Little Lady's dad loved her Russian Salad, so much in fact that he gave her £5.  You can bet she wasn't grumpy after that.


  1. It's so hot here I've been considering making a salad for dinner. Your picture has sealed the deal - Russian salad it is! I should say she's done a really good job :)

  2. If dad gave me £5 everytime I cooked...I'd cook more often :(