Monday 28 April 2014

Fashionista's Cakes

Dear Fab asked recently what my sister Fashionista had been up to because she hasn't been updating her blog recently.  Well she has been busy with her cake making.  She recently completed a cake-making course which was gifted to her and made some really ute cakes as part of this:

Everyone loved her cakes and it really got her going, she has been making some lovely cakes for her extended family:

But her latest tiered cake with ombre effect flowers has been my favourite so far.  She made it specially for her husband's cousin's engagement, along with biscuits and cupcakes for a dessert table display:

So Fashionista is well and being very creative in between her teaching alhamdulillah.   I have been adding pictures of her cakes to a Pinterest board here, because I like the idea of saving all of the loveliness she has created.


  1. Very talented mash'Allah.

  2. So beautiful, Mashallah