Thursday 24 April 2014

40 Day Challenge: Cola

It’s been a while since I attempted to do a 40 day challenge. But there is one that I have been meaning to do for some time. I know I have been drinking way too much fizzy drink, especially cola. It started with enjoying a glass with something spicy like biryani or when I am eating out, then it moved to having a glass with a meal when the kids are not around. I could see it now creeping towards a glass or two with every meal or whenever I am thirsty. Not good. It made me dislike the taste of water and it left me feeling very dehydrated. So my current challenge is 40 days without any fizzy drinks. I should so without any sugary drinks, because some juices are just as bad, but lets start with what we can manage.

I started the challenge without any expectation of getting past a day or two and just told myself to start and then see what happens. So far I have managed eight days without any fizzy. That was after a false start when I just forget on the second day and had some. I started again on the next day.

I spent about two days feeling as if I am missing out on something and that my meal was not quite satisfying. After that I started to become more aware of when I felt thirsty, drink more water and actually enjoy drinking the water too. It’s funny how sometimes we take the best of Allah’s (SWT) blessings away from ourselves due to our own actions.

Anyone else overcome the fizzy drink/too much sugar enthusiasm? What helped? What were your obstacles? How did you do it?


  1. Thinking about the sugar content in a can of coke or any fizzy drink is quite off putting. It helps thinking of it as: 'you are what you eat' or simply don't eat or drink junk, the 'body is a temple'.
    Having a positive outlook in that 'I am an active participant in my wellbeing.

    1. I really like your last statement, definitely the direction I am moving in regarding my weight and long-term health.

  2. Here is a useful trick that my mother used - every time you take a drink of coke, put the exact same amount of sugar that is in the coke, in a cup or jug - you would be horrified by the end of the day to see how much sugar you consume!

    Also - have you ever tried making your own juice? I don't know how expensive fruit is in the UK, or whether you could go to a farmer's market to get fruit - but when I was in Sudan we made our own juice every day. We would peel about 10 (natural and therefore small) limes, put about a ladle of sugar in a jug, blend the lemons in water, strain the blended juice into the jug, add more water, and stir. You can also do this with oranges or grapefruit or even mango - the results are delicious, and will put you off fizzy drinks.

    1. Salaam,
      Your mention of home-made juice is familiar. My mum-in-law makes us something similar from small green limes during Ramadan, but adds a little salt too. The recipe is here:
      We absolutely love it, it's so refreshing. But I never thought of making it with a different fruit. Am very tempted to try now.

  3. Anonymous08 June, 2014

    My mum also makes a lime juice during Ramadan, and I really love it. I have also been on a craze of fizzy drink lately, and I have go to stop, but it is really hard!
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