Tuesday 23 April 2013

Teething, Weaning, Loving

You might remember not that long ago we welcomed our fourth child, Darling as Little Lady calls her, into the world.  Well I'm slightly amazed that Darling is six months already.  Mash'Allah this little one has given me six of the happiest months in my life.  She has been an easy going, happy little sweetheart and I am grateful for her every day.

Now that she is six months, teething has kicked in.  She has two tiny little teeth which are set exactly like her dads, who she is the carbon copy of down to the dimpled chin.  We had about a month when her cheeks would go bright red and she would scratch her ears furiously and try to bite anything she could before her teeth broke through.  Thankfully she is a little more comfortable now, although everything she can reach, grab or lunge for goes straight into her mouth.

She loves slices of cucumber that are nice and cold and for some reason her favourite thing to bite on is one of her dads tasbeehs (rosary) which has very very tough string and quite small beads (I think its the right size to get her teeth into).

Mash'Allah she's sitting up now and rolls around all over the place.  When I pray I put her on a small prayer mat next to me and by the time I am finished, she is somewhere else (including half way under my bed one time). 

Alhamdulillah, now that she is six months we are started to wean her.  I've tried baby rice and cucumber and hope to try avocado and sweet potato this week.  I've come across some fab ideas on Pinterest which I have pinned to my Baby Food board to try out.  Alhamulillah, this little girl has brought me out from the difficult place I was in last year, she has helped me regain my mojo and most importantly, this is the first time I have immersed myself in motherhood without thinking about work or career or anything else and really, really enjoyed it.


  1. She is the cutest!!! I remember my son at this age, they're so unbelievably mobile!!

  2. Mashallah adorable. My little one is 6 months in a week and he actually got his first two teeth at about the end of 4 months and now he is getting the top two.

    We chose babyled weaning and love it. We just hand him an avocado slice or make sweet potato fries or a slice of papaya and he gnaws at it. So cute!