Thursday 4 April 2013

Baby Cakes

Last week was my darling little nieces aqeeqah ceremony/meal and my sister Fashionista made some lovely cakes for the event.  It took her weeks of practice, collecting ingredients and elements and planning and about two days of work (which her in-laws were roped into), but mash'Allah she did an amazing job:

(Kooks caught playing paparrazzi - but certainly the most stylish pap I have ever seen)

Alhamdulillah, I loved all of the details on the cupcakes and the idea of the pink chocolate coins on the table.  The coins came in handy to keep the kids from grabbing cupcakes until we had taken our pictures.

Something else Fashionista tried was making cake pops.  These turned out to be a lot of work for something we gobbled up fairly quickly.

As if --that wasn't enough we also had two fresh cream cakes for after the meal, one from the baby's mama and one made by the baby's mama's cousin.


  1. Asalam arleykoum ouhkty
    it's so beautifull
    Kiss from france
    Mahera et ses decouvertes

  2. These are amazing! Masha'allah!