Tuesday 9 April 2013

Lunch at Fashionista's

This weekend we were invited to Fashionista's house in Luton, about an hours drive outside of London.  Having sampled her mum-in-laws cooking previously, I wasn't about to decline the invite.

Alhamdulillah, they put on a fantastic spread - lamb pilau, lamb curry, chicken curry, shami kebabs, tandoori chicken, various salads and sauces and nan bread.  What I really loved though, was not just the delicious food, but the wonderful atmosphere.  Alhamdulillah, they were so very welcoming and fantastic with my kids.  Fashionista's brother-in-law adores Darling and insisted on holding her while we took our time eating.

 Fashionista had taken the time to prepare lots of desserts: jelly shots, chocolate cupcake, strawberry and cream encrusted Victoria sponge and home-made, hand decorated biscuits

These were great fun.  Everyone tried digging the jelly out with fingers, tongues, spoons and forks, but struggled because the little cups were tiny.  Little Man is jelly crazy and managed to get the most out.

After lunch we sisters went out for a stroll, so that Fashionista could show us where she buys her halal jelly sweets.  We came back with boxes of strawberries to find everyone playing Streetfighter.  The girls joined in and I was very impressed to find how good they were at beating the boys.  Hubby and I want to invite everyone to our place next insh'Allah, but he suggested that we wait until his parents arrive (next months or two).  Can't wait insh'Allah.

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