Saturday 13 April 2013

Buzz Ideas - First Blog Review

I was recently contacted by a Facebook group called Buzz Ideas who describe themselves as promoting "a range of fun, Islamic topics, ideas and products to get you and your family buzzing!"

The Facebook page is full of fun graphics, lots of ideas and also blog reviews.  Guess who got the first blog review?  Yep - Happy Muslim Mama!  Buzz Ideas concluded:

Her posts are similarly amusing and cover a wide range of pertinent topics such as 'Cooking and Dhikr', 'Praying with Children' and an 'Organised Muslim Home'. There are loads of refreshing ideas - her latest posts for example, describes the party she held for her daughter for finishing the Holy Quran for the first time.

I felt rather honoured at their kind words and I have been particularly enjoying all of the ideas and blog reviews on the site.  If you are curious, take a look here.

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