Wednesday 10 April 2013

Day Trip to Dover: South Foreland Lighthouse and Kite Flying

I've never been to a lighthouse before, so was quite keen to see this one.  It was about a 50 minute walk from where we had lunch and we were told there was no parking so could not take the car.  Hubby decided that was too much parking and decided to take the car anyway.  We asked some very friendly locals for directions and they described a route that that would get the car there.  We managed to get stuck in between some thorny bushes, scratch the car all up one side, drive up some very bumpy alternative routes and eventually get there.

The lighthouse didn't have the red stripes you see in children's books, but was very pretty nonetheless.

There were some fun things for the kids to do, but we decided not to go inside as this required another ticket and my mum was not keen on climbing more stairs.

The reception for the lighthouse did however have kites which they let us borrow for free.  I can't tell you how much fun this was.   The location was perfect for flying kites, the weather was sunny but with a good breeze and even my mum joined in the fun.

There were soon competitions as to who could fly their kite the highest and even other tourists joined in and helped the kids (at this point I got paranoid and started trying to watch all three of the kids like a hawk).

I asked the kids what they enjoyed the most and they replied that it was flying kites.  This has given me another idea for an activity to do with the children in future - making kites and finding somewhere to fly them.

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  1. Beautiful, wonderful! MashaAllah. Glad you had good weather for it.