Wednesday 10 April 2013

Day Trip to Dover: Inside Dover Castle

Dover Castle wasn't as majestic or imposing as some of the castle's I have visited and felt small inside. One of the things that made up for this though was the exhibits of everyday life inside which the children enjoyed exploring and touching (although they did get told to get off of the beds - again!)

 My mum thought the clothes on the washing line looked like the traditional Pakistani shalwar kameeez.

The boys were impressed with the swords and wanted to know if they were real.

I was surprised at how colourful the main hall was compared to the rest of the castle.

Mum noticed how much the furniture looked like the ones used in Pakistan today, especially the beds and the Kings chair (if you don't believe me see the bed here and the chair here for comparison)

In all, we had lots of fun wandering round the castle, exploring the objects inside and trying to work out what some of them were for and watching the short exhibit on the history of the castle's inhabitants.

I thought the ticket was a bit pricey as the castle wasn't very big (£44 for the family ticket and £17 for individuals).  In the end we decided to take out a English Heritage membership for £84 which gives access to over 400 places across the UK for both of us and up to 12 children for the next 15 months, which is nice for us as a family with four children, but also means if we go with other families they won't have to pay for their children.  It also means that I know have an excuse to get hubby to take us to other places to make the most of the membership.

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