Tuesday 23 April 2013

New Necklaces and Something Exciting

I finally got the chance to bring out my beads after what felt like a very long time.  I had finished the housework, the kids were school, hubby was on a  job and Darling was asleep.  My afternoon was MINE!!!

I love the glass crystals that are available right now and like mixing their sparkle with some semi-precious stone chips I sourced from another jewellery maker.

These are grape coloured glass crystals and quartz chips.

I managed to get a fair bit done and when the kids came home, they pestered me until I let Little Lady and Little Man thread some of the beads in the evening.  Little Man helped finish off this one.

I love turquoise (my grandmother who lived with me for  a few years and was an amazing woman was called Feroza, which means turquoise) and bought these turquoise beads a few years ago and couldn't decide how to use them.  I love the slightly matte feel of the discs.

Little Lady helped me play around with colour schemes until we came up with this one: turquoise, red glass crystals and green aventurine (another type of quartz) chips.

I love the textures and colour contrasts of this one, although I think I will have to live with it a little before I decide if this is the best use of the turquoise  - what do you think?

Part of the reason I picked up my beads again, was encouragement from my sisters (Shutterbug, Fashionista and Kooks).  We make a great team and although we constantly squabble we also bounce ideas off each other and can get so much done when we team up (like my brothers wedding and then Fashionista's).  Between us we have four bloggers, two keen photographers, four bibliophiles, one crafter, two writers and four girls who love to party, travel and learn and see new things.  So we recently decided to make good use of our skills with a collaboration.  I won't say what yet but insh'Allah more news and lots of pics soon!


  1. It may be we are all a little bit more critical of ourselves, but me 'looking' u from here I see u handling evrything pretty well:)
    Just to drop a line, love reading ur blog and like to see how other Muslim live and what are the customs in other countries
    (I saw u included once a traditional Bosnian dress on ur other blog, I m a little bit subjective there:))
    Greets from Sarajevo!

  2. Wow, can't imagine what would be the result of all of you collaborated :-). It's got to be something super talented! Can't wait to find out!!