Friday 3 June 2011

View on a Friday

I had a lot on my mind today, so went for a very long walk.  It ended up being a lot longer than I anticipated and I ended up in a rather high place (I am terrified of heights).  The height meant fantastic views though and a lovely fresh breeze on a sunny day:

 I came back refreshed and with a lovely "hijab tan" - anyone else get those? (they stop at just below your chin).

Hope you are all having a productive Jummah day full of blessings, good deeds and gratitude to Allah (SWT).


  1. mash'Allah... nice pics sister, and yes, I too , have a hijab face from mid forehead to under the chin and slightly coloured backs of hands..if I get really caught out I have to frantically flatten my fringe (bangs) to cover the white top third of my face or it looks absolutely ridiculous..

  2. Oh love the hijab tan! Mind starts right above my eyes brows (my hijab peaks out and shades the top part of my forehead. My nose and cheeks and chin... oh my. I've got freckles now!!!

    Every hijabi should wear sunscreen. :-) Of course for health reasons but also for funky tan lines. lol

  3. Anonymous04 June, 2011

    I get tan lines around my wrists and along my feet!