Saturday 4 June 2011

Charity Bazaar - Umm Salihah's Creations

This week I have been preparing to sell some of the things I make at a small charity bazaar on Sunday where stalls were available for sellers.  It is a ladies only event and I am looking forward to learning a bit more about what kinds of things people like and what kind of prices are reasonable to charge.

I had the kids help out with little things, but particularly Little Lady was keen to be involved.  Her suggestion is that we put any money we raise towards a hajj or umrah fund - nice thought.

Getting ourselves organised:

Some of the long necklaces I will have on the stall:

Some of the tasbeeh (or prayer beads):

Charm bracelets:

I have a crazy today tomorrow - I am hoping to visit a boot fair in the morning, be back by 10am to get to the community centre and set up my stall, leave to get home for 1pm to hand some items over to a cargo company to send to Pakistan, pray and then hold our sisters circle from 2-3pm, then head back to the centtre to man the stall.  Kooks has kindly offered to cover the stall for a few hours whilst I am away as has my teenage cousin A.  I am sharing half the stall with A's mum, to keep the cost down. 

Hopefully I will be able to manage all of this and stay calm enough to keep an eye on the kids and maybe let them have some fun at the bazaar too (bouncy castle and henna for Little Lady is the plan).


  1. Assalamualeikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu dear sis!
    MashaAllah, what beautiful combinations of those glass beads you have. :) They're lovely!

  2. I want to buy your crystal clear prayer beads do you do it a longer length as want to wear it around my neck.

  3. Assalam-alaikam,
    I am not making anything at the moment (too uncomfortable to sit long enough as I am near the end of my pregnancy).

    I have seen versions of these sold as long necklaces, but not with the silver tassel at the end.

    I am hoping to pick up on my crafts in a month or so, when hopefully I am a little lighter!