Wednesday 29 June 2011

Something for Little Lady

I have spent the last few days moving furniture and cupboards around and re-organising the house.  In a corner under the kids bed I found a little suitcase and was delighted to find some clothes from my wedding trousseau from 11 years ago. 

This is part of a very heavy lengha (skirt suit) which my mum's brother bought for me:

This trouser and tunic suit was a gift for my mum for my first Eid after I was married and was a big deal at the time because previously she used to make our clothes herself:

My mum's sister had this salwar kameez made for me and looks like it might still fit, I am tempted to put thid one back in my wardrobe:

This was part of a set of outfits that were made for me, my sisters and my cousins to wear on my wedding day by one of my mum's sisters.  We all had different styles (lengha, salwar kameez, dress etc) and different colours, but the same embroidery and the girls looked fab wearing them on my wedding day (obviously I wore mine afterwards):

This heavy dupatta (veil) is even older.  It was given to me by my mum-in-law to wear on my engagement 13 years ago and looked fab with a plain purple suit:

I wanted to keep these cloths because of all of the work that has gone into them and because some of them are gifts from people I love. I went through the dresses with Little Lady and as they don't fit very well any more we agreed I would pack them back into the suitcase and perhaps keep them for her trousseau one day.


  1. i've still got my outfits from your wedding in a suitcase somewhere too,still in good condition :)

  2. I remember all of these! Half of them can probly get away with todays trends!

  3. Wooow the cream coloured one is sooo beautiful, would you gift it to me sister? :) I cant find anything like this in germany
    please get into contact with me, if you wanna sell any of these:)

    my mail adress:

  4. Assalam-alaikam Sister,
    I am going to e-mail you as soo as i get a moment.