Sunday 26 June 2011

Relaxing and a Midnight Feast

Hubby has been away for most of this weekend leaving me and the kids to engage in some quiet time shopping for socks, reading, crafting, journalling, scrapbooking, visiting the library, visiting my mum and having a friend come to visit with her boys (bringing a very pretty, sparkly abayah for me with her).  All activities which were easy and at a pace that avoided me getting stressed and the kids fed up.

One of our traditions for when hubby is away is for the kids to have a midnight feast (usually around 8pm)whilst watching an old movie in my bed.  I have this little trunk which sits in the kids room to store our picnic/high tea/midnight feast things.

The little dishes are remnants of various sets or thrifty finds which appealed:

I and Gorgeous went food shopping the day before whilst the older children were in school.  I got a little carried away, but this still works out cheaper than crisps, cakes and biscuits (except the mangoes which were expensive but to die for).

I tried to keep it healthy this time and most of this got eaten (plus a bowl of grapes).

The best bit is watching the kids keel over one by one half way through the movie.


  1. You prepare your fruits and meals so well that it makes me want to have them too...if only I could be that person who regularly shops for her fruit and can chop them and put them together to look this good. Nice

  2. Assalamo alaikum Ukhti,
    The midnight feast title reminded me of the wonderful Enid Blyton stories I enjoyed as a kid. The midnight feasts used to pop up into them quite often, and always seemed so fun and exciting! You midnight snack looks so healthy and scrumptious Mashallah. Also I am curious which movie did you all watch. I am always on the lookout of good (in every way) movies to watch with kids. I have my own Mommy filter that I pass every movie through :)

  3. Walaikam-assalam

    Sis Blue Pearl, I noticed that if you chop the fruit and veg up and pu it in front of the kids they get through lots of it - a friend of mine who was a real gourmand used to say that you eat with you eyes first then your stomach.

    Sis Umm Umamah,
    your comments made me smile, my daughter is a real fan of Enid Blyton and working her way through every book of hers she can find - funny, I was as avid a reader, but seemed to have bypassed them completely. I am very careful what movies I let my children watch - I tend to pick ones my sisters have watched and then ask them if there is nudity/adult themes etc or if it might be scary.
    We often watch older films together, some of our recent picks have been:
    The Adventures of Robin Hood (Errol Flynn version)The original Superman film
    Flight of the Navigator
    Spirited Away
    Indian In The Cupboard
    Tremors (probably a bit scary for little kids, but has been one of my kids favourites)
    Ladyhawke (confused them totally)
    The Iron Giant - we all liked this one.

    Hope that helps :)