Friday 24 June 2011

Craft Give-Away Reminder - Two Packs Left


Just a reminder for the craft give-away - there are still two packs left, so please get in touch at and tell me which book has moved, motivated or inspired you the most in your life (other than the Quran or Bible) and why.

Look forward to hearing from you (there have been some great suggestions so far) - Jummah Mubarak.


  1. ahhh i really want this! ok

    "my story" by dave pelzer. it is a true story written by the man himself about the abuse he went through as a child by his mother. it left me in tears just reading about how hard his life was and still is, and i can relate to it on many levels. i just look at my son now and it makes me determined to be the best mum that i can be insyAllah!

  2. Salaam,
    E-mail me with your address at so that I can send you the craft pack.