Monday 6 June 2011

Bussinesswoman of the Year - Not!

I tried my hand at being a businesswoman this weekend at a charity bazaar.  It was an interesting experience and I learned lots about what sells, who buys and who buys what (watching other poeple's stalls, I really got an insight into the phenomenaen that is "pester power").

I had lots of fun, but I realised that this is not the game for me.  I found it exhausting and as my ever-sensible husband pointed out, I make more in an hour of my day job than I did all day at the bazaar. 

I think I will stick to crafting for pleasure, and gifts for now, although I do have a few more idea's to try out (why am I always finding myself work to do?)

We did get to have some fun though, with Kooks manning the stall for me for part of the day and then taking the kids for henna and face-painting.

I love this girls henna:

Little Ladies came out nice too:

Wasn't too crazy about mine though (although to be fair the henna ladies were exhausted by then):

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