Friday 30 October 2009

Sweets and Friendship

This week was the last week for one of my colleagues who has also become my friend. I sit next to H every morning (we both get in super-early), I give her advice and she lets me bask in her coolness and feel cool by association. She welcomed me to the team when I was new and always makes me feel good about myself. She is moving to another team, which is only on the other side of the building, but everyone decided to amke a fuss anyway.

She loves coconut, so I made her coconut macaroons and bought her some jalebi which is another one of her faves.

The bags I used for the macaroons were the cellophane bags used to package cards, but a larger size than I usually need. I tied them with rubber bands which I covered with ribbon. The orange and pink ribbon was then used to co-ordinate everything.

She liked her gifts, although she complained I was making her fat (which she is not, but being a girl she won't believe me) and we had a lovely last day stuffing ourselves silly with chocolates. We almost made her cry with her leaving gifts (the office bought her a studded clutch and leather gloves) but she managed to stop herself when we started making fun of her. I suppose I will just have to go visit her at the other end of the building on Monday, catch up for breakfast on Tuesday...


  1. Aslamu alakum how very kind of you she must be a specail friend. Life moves and people move with it nothing stays the same.

  2. Just found your blog fantastic!!