Sunday 4 October 2009

Busy Saturday and a Crazy Baby

As my better half is away for the weekend, I decided to keep busy. My best efforts though were foiled by Gorgeous, who has been driving me simply crazy. He refused to sleep last night and as the hubby was away, I had all of the children in my bedroom. He refused to let them sleep in his bed (he still rooms with us) or in my bed. He seemed to have decided they didn't need to sleep at all. He woke early and refused to let anyone sleep in (I could hear his uncle shouting at him to please go away and let him sleep). He managed to break some eggs despite my shooing him away from them twice and leave the contents of a tub of cotton buds all over my bedroom (mash'Allah he has gotten tall enough to grope about on top of Little Lady's wardrobe which is a smaller children's one, where we keep such things and the kitchen counters).

I was cross with everyone until about lunchtime when all the mischief they had gotten up to seemed to have made them hungry enough to eat peacably.

I decided that the only way to stop the squabbling and misbehaviour was to keep them busy.

I noticed some of my tomatoes had turned red (which is a first, they usually get big and green and stop there). They were surrounded by spider webs so I sent Little lady to bring in the harvest. With Little Man's help she broke the webs and brought the toms in.

In the meantime I kept busy with some bulk cooking. I made five layers of kebabs to freeze and bag up later and two trays of roast chicken to bring out at short notice. I also made the chicken stuffing for spring rolls to freeze and bag up, so that I could pull out and fry when we have guests, hopefully I'll make the spring rolls tomorrow. Little Man doesn't seem to be keen on school dinners and hubby is suggesting that we give both of our older children packed lunches which meand I will ahve to re-visit the whole freezing, bulk cooking, menu planning thing.

Of course the baby was on hand to help and throw lemons out into the garden.

Luckily I got to spend the rest of the day at my mums where I spent the afternoon chatting happily with her and read an old Dean Koontz novel and stayed for dinner. On getting home I decided the only way to get to pray Esha (the night prayer) in peace was by asking the children to get the baby's sheet onto his mattress by showing some teamwork. This kept them busy through most of my prayer, with the baby getting in between the mattress amd sheet and sabotaging their efforts. The best bit was hearing Little Lady announce "Come on boys, teamwork!".

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  1. About your you have a garage? In America I used to grow tomatoes, but in the mountains, the growing season is a little shorter. At the end of the season, as it started to get colder and almost to freezing, I would actually harvest most of the bigger green tomatoes and put them in a box in my garage. As needed, I would bring them inside and let them ripen on my counter, and I would not have to buy tomatoes for several months.