Tuesday 6 October 2009


After following the baby around for the last three nights as he threw up in various parts of the house, seems we have all caught his bug. The doctor confirmed that all three of the kids and I have viral gastroentiritis, so we are staying in bed and nibbling on toast as reccommended. That is all except for the baby of course, who seems full of beans and despite still throwing up now and again is still running around the house and wrestling with us as if nothing is wrong. Which isn't very nice as we are all very achey. The doctor explained that as the baby's antibodies are different from adults, he will fight it better than me or the older children, sounds about right from Little Ladies complaints.

Hubby was being a sweetie as usual and took a pot round to my mum's and asked her to make us some kedgeree (or kichree) which is what passes for sick-people food in our family.

Anyway, I expect to look forward to another night of being awoken at 2am by retching sounds and trying to stick a bin under people's noses in time, unless its the baby in which case he runs away from the bin when he sees you coming. Insh'Allah back to blogging after a few days when all are well insh'Allah.


  1. Hope you all get better soon inshallah.

  2. Assalamo elikuim
    Inshallah you all will get better soon, Ameen.
    Hopefully the kichari will help too.


  3. hope u and kids get better soon inshaAllah
    eternal peace

  4. Assalam-alaikam,
    jazakh'Allah-khairun for your kind comments, we are all feeling much better alhamdulillah except for the baby who is still a tad quiet and whiny but also far better than before. I definitely like him him better when he is full of beans and misbehaving.

    The kitcheri defo came in handy for munching on as I was sitting in bed with the baby (with him sneaking bits).