Tuesday 20 October 2009

Busy Sunday

A very nice colleague at work who gives me occassional advice about gardening, suggested I get the tomatoes in as the frost will spoil them as the weather gets colder. I got the kids to pick what they could find, the half shown below went to my mum who likes to freeze them whilst still green and use them in veg curries (although someone has suggested they are good with lamb too). The other half went into the fruit bowl with the banana's as this turns them red.

I also decided I could no longer get away with ignoring the garden which despite my regular attempts to create some order has turned into a junk yard again.

Mash'Allah the soil in the garden is so rich that left to it's own devices, everything grows like crazy all over each other.

I put the boys both down for a nap and took up Little Ladies offer of assistance.

We cleared out the beds, although there is still work to be done, they are almost clear enough to be dug up and left ready for next spring, although I am debating putting in one or two winter crops.

I cleared the weeds out of the pots, ready for next summers displays.

Though it was nice to still have some flowers left to brighten the garden up.

Some of the peper plants still seem to be yeilding the goods too, including the birds-eye chilli plant.

I'm just pleased that there is a clear space for the kids to play now even though there is still lots to do - get the grass out from between the tiles, weed the beds properly etc. In all we managed to fill seven refuse bags full of garden waste and dumped rubbish. I just have to convince the other half to get rid of the door, door frame, exercise bench and various other junk he likes to collect and store in my little garden.

That done, there was still the laundry to ignore for the time being (three lots washed and needing folding, one out to dry and another two sitting in piles in my bedroom seemingly growing by the minute), but at least I had help with the cooking:

(Gorgeous running off with the ingredients)

The kids ask for rice every time I ask what they would like for dinner.

I finally got some time to wind down with my bead box and some beads for sorting.


  1. MarshaALLAH SISTER! This is wonderful and I enjoyed reading and the photos are amazing!

  2. Assalam-alaikam Dear,
    thank you for stopping by, glad you liked the post!