Friday 2 October 2009

Oh Dear...Boys!

What is it with everyone taking advantage of my poor boys at the moment?

I let the kids out to play in the garden whilst I was busy in the kitchen and when it went quiet I assumed they were either digging up all my plants or had escaped into the neighbours garden again. I went out to find the neighbours girl practising her henna skills on Little Man (she actually managed both arns and hands before I caught them (Umm Nassim, shall I send the artist your way?).

Then after work today, I got to my mum's to pick up the baby (she babysits on Friday afternoons so that my hubby can go pray Jummah) and found the baby with his nails painted hot pink. My mum thought it was hilarious to do this to him. Gorgeous sat and let her do it out of curiosity and then decided it looked "girls" and wanted it removed. I got home and he asked for a tissue and then sat and tried to wipe it off. He's fallen asleep now, so I'll take it off of him in the morning.

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