Monday 12 October 2009

Back in the Dark Ages

I got home today to find that the computer had crashed again. Having no TV and the hubby being at work for the evning, I could not work out what to do with myself. After sulking for 20 minutes during which time even the kids got bored of me and wandered off, I decided to get cracking in the kitchen.

I managed to make some chicken mayo sandwich filling with some boneless chicken that has been sitting in the freezer for ages. One lb of chicken makes lots, so I froze half (boneless chicken boiled and mashed, add mayo, salt and pepper to taste and a dollop of ketchup, of course I had to add red chilli too).

I also got one of my cookbooks out and tried the easiest recipe I could find...

...coconut macaroons. I thought they looked odd, but they actually tasted rather yum. The kids could barely eat half each because they were so rich.

After that and giving everyone dinner, I thought I deserved my home-made burger (left over lamb kebab on wholemeal bap with lashings of chilli sauce). I rather enjoyed eating it whilst I read Meera Syal's "Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee", although this gave the baby just enough time to pour a new bottle of mouthwash into the sink.

It cheered me up no end though, when Long-Suffering Sister popped in with some books, all of which look like great reading:

although she wasn't very impressed by my collection (Kooky Little Sis cleared me out of my best books earlier in the week).

Now that the kids are in bed and I am waiting for hubby to come home, I thought I would poke about in my beads and came up with this mix of smoky, moody purple ones inluding the tube of square beads and pack of swarovski's that iMuslimah sent me as part of an Eid gift.


  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Love how your sister just pops by with some books. My daughter and I trade books like that:)

  2. Walaikam-assalam Sis C,
    I hope my relationship with my daughter is as good, she is turning into a bookworm too mash'Allah which just makes me soooo happy.