Sunday 25 October 2009

Kidding Around

Hubby was away for the weekend and it usually falls to him to keep an eye on the kids whilst I catch up with my sleep on a Saturday morning. Without him to supervise, I asked the kids to keep the noise down and I'll be up in half an hour. That was at 8am, the next time the clock swam into vision, it was 11.45, I couldn't believe I had slept through the morning. I jumped out of bed to find the kids watching cartoons on the computer (I have just put the password back on) and eating custard creams.

I did feel very guilty, then decided not to feel guilty but to make sure they enjoy the rest of the day. We went on what felt like an epic shopping trip (supermarket at one end of town, butchers at the other and grocer somewhere in the middle). I usually don't like dragging kids around the shops, but the mention of a trip on the bus is enough to keep everyone happy.

On getting back I asked them what they would like to eat and got a request for pasta from Little Lady and rice and chicken from the boys. This gets made a bit too often in our house, but no-one seems to get bored of it.

The kids had homework for the half-term break and I thought perhaps this time we might not leave it till the day before going back (I want them to do well in class, but I do think half-term is for catching up on playing and not work). Baby insisted that he didn't want to colour and wanted one of Little man's exercise books too.

As a treat I made them fruit salad with the fruite of their choice.

A long bath, a flooded bathrom and an early night followed (they'll run upstairs if I let them sleep in my bed), leaving me time to make a few cards (pics to follow) and enjoy my chocolate-covered peanuts in peace.

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