Saturday 26 September 2009

Party Cakes

I was invited to a party by another work colleague who insisted that I had to come. She suggested I bring along my sisters and children which was very generous of her and as it was women's only I decided to go along.

I got home from work a little late (waiting in the car whilst hubby sorted something out), but thankfully already knew what everyone was wearing (their Eid clothes again), so rushed into the kitchen to make more cakes. I only remembered to take a picture after I had cling-filmed the tray.

The food was lovely (chicken pilau rice, chicken curry, spring rolls with chickpeas inside which I had never seen before, salad, pitta bread, roast chicken legs and Lahori-style chickpea curry which was gorgeous). I had a nice time and it's nice to dress up and feel girly sometimes when there are no men around, although one of the boys seemed a bit older and had a slight moustache, when I pointed this out to Kooky Little Sister she mischeivously suggested that didn't really count as so did some of the little girls...

The kids did drive me mad with Gorgeous refusing to get off the table and causing havoc, Little Man demanding to go home because his dad would be waiting for him and Little Lady sulking because she was "booorred". She spotted a classmate luckily and perked up no end running around happily and even dancing with her friend after declaring she was too shy. We left as things got loud and rowdy much to the regret of my lovely friend (she insisted the fun was just beginning), but still had a nice time.


  1. salaams i just love your blog sis, masha Allah you look like a real good cook i wants some recipes please hehe (^_^)
    masha Allah cute kiddies,
    hope you had a fantastic EidXXX

  2. Assalam-alaikam Sis,
    I am trying to learn to cook, I've just got the hang of cupcakes and want to try biscuits next insh'Allah.

    Yes thank you I had a very nice Eid, hope yourd was as good (I bet you were pleased to get your other half back home?)!