Thursday 10 September 2009

A Different Perspective on Ramadan

There is one part of Ramadan that always get’s me a little down, that is the part when we “take a rest” from fasting during our periods. I used to feel like I was missing out, that I would get behind in my Quran reading and worry about the fasts I would have to make up later.

Something different occurred to me this year though. I have been thinking since the start of Ramadan, about how this month is an example for us, of how to behave for the rest of the year, a lesson in the way we should live as Muslims. I have found myself paring back much of what I try to fit in, simplifying my day and being more thoughtful about what I really need to do and what has to be left out in order to make space for the Ramadan routine.

I realised that because we rest for one week of each month, the week that we do not fast in Ramadan teaches us how to behave at this time during the rest of the year. I noticed that I could rest and catch up on the bits and pieces I was too busy to finish off the rest of the time. I also realised that I could still worship and try to accumulate reward in different ways. I could dedicate more time to my children and family. This was a good time to invite others for iftar and share the reward for their fasts. It was also a good time to make the morning and evening meals for my family, so that even though I am not fasting, I am earning the rewards for their fasting (albeit with a very mean look on my face at 3.30am, which seems to make everyone nervous!).

A sister gave me some good advice about worship during this time. She suggested that I engage in tasbiyat/dhikr (remembrance of Allah (SWT)) each day at the time of each of the five prayers. This way I keep the habit of ordering my day around prayer times and feel good because I haven’t let go of remembering Allah (SWT) completely.

This year, then I feel a lot more accepting and comfortable with this part of Ramadan and insh’Allah I’ll look for small ways to increase what hassanah (rewards) I can earn.


  1. assalamaliekum sister, reading through your blogs i am in awe of how much you manage to fit in , in this holy month of ramadan considering you have 3 children, work in-laws etc go, muslim mama! Or should that be Super Muslim Mama!

    P.s your blogs are a joy to read.

  2. Assalam-alaikam Sister,
    jazakh'Allah-khairun for your kind comments and for stopping by to visit my blog.