Sunday 13 September 2009

Eid Cards - Neutrals and Naturals

These cards are ones I made over the past few weeks from bits and peices.

The small flowers in the two cards below are punched flowers layered up with a gem at the centre.

Green is my favourite colours and I love the juicy green shade in the card below.

The swirl below is chipboard, a medium I have ignored so far, but have suddenly found myself taking a liking to.

These were amongst my first attempts to use coloured backgrounds.


  1. Mashaallah sister you have outdone yourself! They are just beautiful and I could never come up with these ideas! How did you get the letters on the banner to be so perfect? Were they pre-cut or did you do it yourself?

    Mashaallah. You are the craftiest ;)

  2. How do you do it, Umm Saalihah? You work full-time, you cook for a large family, you always have guests over, you look after elderly relatives, you make cards, you read books, you organize parties, and you even find time to photograph and upload so many pictures, and write regular blog posts.

    You definitely have immense barakah in your time.

    Or perhaps you don't sleep!

  3. awesome and lovely cards :)

  4. Masha Allah!!
    Love the cards!


  5. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sister iMuslimah,
    I printed the letters onto plain paper in Ariel black font (bold) and then just cut them out.

    Oh Sister mj,
    you ahve no idea, I seriously went through a phase where I used to think maybe if I didn't sleep I could do this, this and this astaghfirullah, before I realised this kind of thinking was soo wrong and that Allah (SWT) apportions off our time into day and night for our benefit.

    The only reason I get tiem to do things I like is because alhamdulillah my husband and family are always helping me out with stuff (plus I skive off more than you can guess)

    Sister Reebz and Sister UmmZ,
    jazakh'Allah-khairun for your kind comments.

  6. MashaAllah! so beautiful and special because they were home and custom made!

    Here are some Eid cards also:*