Monday 21 September 2009

Eid al-Fitr

You know it's Eid in my house when you stuff yourself with freshly baked cupcakes for breakfast. In pakistan Eid-ul-Fitr is called "Meethe-wali" or sweet Eid (as opposed to Eid al-Adha which is the meat eid). So we also had rice pudding (slow cooked till almost pink and mixed with pistachio, almonds and coconut) and sweet vermicelli in milk (sevaiyya) which is very traditional.

I woke early for Eid and found that my better half had decorated the house for me.

The best reaction was from the kids. Little Man came downstairs, screamed and ran back up again. Baby just stood with his mouth opened then turned around slowly taking it all in. He declared "I won't break them mummy, I'll just swing from them".

After breakfast and talking to their grandparents in Pakistan on the webcam (who were still fasting!), the kids had their photoshoot.

(I have never met anyone who loves to pose as much as this girl!)

I finally got round to getting dolled up, which I was pleased about because I only really get to dress up this much on eid, it's abaya's the rest of the year wherever I go, on Eid I get to spend the day with my parents and siblings who I don't have to cover around.

The earrings were from my husband the night before when we went out to enjoy the atmosphere of Eid that had hit our neighbourhood (tons of henna stalls, shops open till midnight, families strolling, ice-cream, corn on the cob and gol-guppay)

After getting dressed, we went to my Mum's house for lunch, which is always a treat.

There seemed to be chocolate everywhere (this wasn't all of it), although we all seemed to have lost the appetite for it a bit.

We shared gifts and cash was handed out (Long-Suffering Sister bought us the best books and then put cash in them). The best gift was from Kooky to LS, which we all though was hilarious:

The rest of the day was spent glued to the sofa, laughing, chatting and reading. After so many days of busyness and exhaustion, it was rather blissfull to do not much.



  1. Awww that's just so sweeeeeeeet :)

  2. Madam looks gorgeous! The hair cut suits her! U guys sound like u had fun, can't wait to join in next year, insh'allah!!! x

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