Saturday 26 September 2009

...and More Cakes

I got through the housework in a rush this morning, with the plan that I go to visit the mother of one of Little Lady's classmates.

I have gotten to know this wonderful sister and she has honoured us by attending one of our annual Eid parties. She has been asking me to come visit her place for the last two years which I keep promising to do and have never gotten round to. So I decided today to make the effort as I think of this very friendly, generous sister so highly.

I didn't have time to buy her a gift, so thought I would take her some cakes:

I made plenty so that there would be enough to put in the neighbours plate and send it back (they originally sent us Zarda)

The rest were good to keep in the biscuit tin for when the kids needed a treat (or the hubby, who prefers them plain)

I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon at my friends house. I had ppaned to visit for half an hour and ended up staying for two hours, she is a very welcoming sister! She prepared sooo many different things, including a plate of homemade sesame snaps like the ones my gran used to make (two cups of sesames to one cup melted sugar, roll out quick). Aside from what was below she also made a cool, fresh smoothie with every fruit you can think of, ordered pizza and even served rasmalai. Despite my stern looks, the kids pigged out on biscuits, ice-cream, kids cheese and yoghurt.

She insisted I take some pyjama's her sister had bought two pairs of for her son, I refused at first and then agreed to swap for my blue blingy bangles ( I had two more at home).

The pyjama's fitted Gorgeous just perfectly (we all thought he looked hilarious).

The best thing was that the kids were so tired they came home and went to bed at 7pm!!!! Whilst my mum-in-law was here they were running rings around her and had me pulling my hair out trying to keep them in bed as late as 11pm. The boys are fast asleep, Little Lady has been helping me make her dad's dinner as he has had a very long, tough day at work and has even been folding laundry (anything to keep out of bed). My dad has just been to visit and has been enjoying the cakes too as he has been fasting today.

One thing my friend mentioned was that she really enjoyed the Eid party she attended at my house. We do one every year and this year my sisters agreed we should have one after Eid al-Adha. My friend suggested we do one jointly (ladies only of course) and book a venue locally with everyone bringing a dish, me doing the decorations (yippee!!) and any proceeds going to charity. I liked the idea and shall be runnign it past my sisters.


  1. Asalaamu alaikum

    Masha Allah you do the return the plate full thing too. My dh is Malaysian and forces me to do this (we cheap canadians never bother, lol). I thought it was only a Malaysian thing because when I did it with Pakistanis and arabs they always acted like I was a weirdo or something. Now you've made it seem normal..whew! Sounds like you had a great day and I love when they tucker themselves out like that!

  2. The sisters party at a venue sounds like a terrific idea- because then the staff does the clean up! Right?

    WAnt me to make you some name tags if this is going to be a big party? They could be totally blingy and feminine with my latest acquisition of K & Co layered flower cut outs and 24 vial set of martha stewart glitters.

    I dont understand the full plate thingy, what does it mean?

  3. PS

    Mashaallah. Baby looks so angelic in his bed. Just precious!

  4. Its the custom to return the plate back to someone full. For example you send me cookies on your plate and I send the plate back to you with cupcakes that I made. I was raised to send it back clean and that's it, lol. The thing is the person probably wants their plate back fast so you have to hurry up and make something...pressure, pressure! Well its normal for raised muslims in certain cultures I guess.

  5. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Just a random question..saw a commercial for these and wondered if you had one or if they are even available across the pond.

  6. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sis C,
    yes we defo do the return plate full thing, my mum always has and I feel embarrassed returning an empty plate. It usually means that your plates dissappears for ages and you keep theirs for ages until you make soemthing you can send.

    Sis iMuslimah,
    Are you trying to make me jealous? ;))
    I'm not sure who is coming/will turn up so can't make name tags, nice idea though.
    I'm sure there will be lots of crafty opportunities though, so will probably ask for ideas.

    Sis C,
    I know the machine you are talking baout and it looks fab, I htink we can get these here through a few retailers, but they are very expensive. Way out of my price range, so I don't have one. I noticed though that people buy these and sell the shapes they make through ebay and etsy.

    If you are htinking baout getting one, defo do your research because there are ahandful of companies that do different die-cutting machines and I am not sure which is the best (Sizzix is another I think)