Sunday 13 September 2009

Fairy Cake Experiments

I usually make fairy cakes on Eid, but as my in-laws (some of them anyway) are going back to Pakistan on Tuesday, I thought I would make some today. It would also give me the chance to try out the recipe for the icing.

I decided to try buttercream icing and used the recipe from the book 500 Fabulous Cakes and Bakes. It turned out well, but slightly too sweet for my liking. I decided to turn half pink and realised a drop of red food colouring would be better than a teaspoon, which gave this rather lurid colouring that Little lady went crazy over.

I used this recipe for the fairy cakes which I have used before successfully. I htink I am having problems with the new cooker though, it overcooked the bottom of the cakes.

The kids helped me decorate and had so much fun doing it.

We left a few plain and the baby gobbled those up. I think next time I might try a different recipe for the icing. Any suggestions?


  1. Looks delicious. I'm sure my little ones would go bananas over that icing too. Well, the colour, I mean :)!

  2. They look adorable!

    On this side of thepond we call them cupcakes. I would like to try using fondant to cover them, and then decorate them, but seriously, I dont have the extra time right now, maybe next week when Im off :)

  3. looking so delicious and funky :)

  4. Icing
    150g butter
    150g icing sugar
    1tbsp milk
    1/4tsp vanilla extract
    food colouring

    To make: Beat the butter until soft. Add the icing sugar and stir until it is just mixed in, then add the milk and vanilla extract and beat until lift and fluffy. Add food colouring a few drops at a time to get desired colour.

    You could add less sugar if you want. The original recipe I have suggests 300g of sugar which is waaaay too much!

  5. Here in the USA, vanilla extract does contain alcohol. Dried Vanilla bean is a good alternative.

  6. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sister Mummyjaan,
    My daughter loved the pink, even if it was too loud (it looked like playdough).

    Sister iMuslimah,
    I was looking at the fondant recipes and they look like a bit more work, might just make old fasion sugar-icing (sugar and water) as the decorations stick to it better. Still deciding. Plus the oven on my new cooker is giving m enightmares and hubby will exchange it or out the old one back. So what I make depends on what oven I have nearer the time.

    Sister Reebz,
    why thank you.

    Your original recipe is the same as I used and it wasn't as buttery as the gorgeous stuff my neighbours used to make. I htink the recipe you ahve given me might be closer. Going to give it a try - jazakh'Allah-khairun.

    Sis iMuslimah,
    I checked this time!! WE have a very big Indian food store near us who do vegetarian and non-alcoholic version of everything (it's where we stock up on jelly packs for the kids)