Saturday 26 September 2009

Dinner With The Girls

I used to go out quite often with work colleagues before I had my children, but can't remember having done so at all since I have had them. So this time when the lovely girls I work with insisted I could not say no. We settled on Yumyum in Stoke Newington which I had heard good things about and read positive reviews about in Emel magazine and the Metro paper.

The restaurant itself was stunning outside and inside with areas to sit on the floor to eat, latticed wooden screens and flocked velvet-style wallpaper everywhere.

It was way too dark inside, hence the poor quality pictures. The restaurant was halal and the waitress assured us that they did not serve pork (although they did serve alcohol). We decided to try some non-alcoholic cocktails, I chose "Abstinence on the Beach" which was a mix of mango, yoghurt and vanilla. Everyone liked mine best and ordered more of the same. I might try experimenting at home to see if I could make something similar because it was truly delicious.

We tried pad thai, noodles, green curry, spring rolls and steamed rice - all fairly typical and unadventurous. Some of the food was delicious, other parts less so. I did enjoy the meal but was still slightly hungry at the end of it. I would reccommend it to someone else, but if I were to pick somewhere to eat Thai food it would be the unnassuming little Tippy's cafe in East Ham which looks rather pokey but has the best Thai food I have ever tasted.

(Chocolate sponge and coconut ice-cream for dessert)

In any case I had an absolute blast with the girls, we giggled and joked all evening. The best bit was when one of the Muslim girls decided to try her mocktail and someone called out "Nooo that's alcoholic!", she nearly fell of her chair as she clamped her hands over her mouth in horror (it wasn't really alcoholic).

I eventually got home far later than expected because we took so long getting there (the Sat Nav decided to take us the longest way it could). I came home to find hubby had left the kids with my sister who was FUMING at their mischief. Might be sometime before I go out without the kids again I think, but it was nice for a change.

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  1. Masha Allah ... it's really nice to enjoy with your friends once in a while :D