Thursday 2 October 2008

Thursday Book Find

As I had one more day off before I went back to work, hubby offered to take me to the Thursday Boot Sale, I agreed just for the fresh air, not expecting to buy anything (as it's usually quite a dissappointing market). I was pleasantly surprised then to come back with the books below.

I have been after Delia Smith's "How to Cook" set of books (cover price £16.99 each, cost £4 for set) for a long time and flicking through them I can see they will be a lot of use for me. I heard about Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" (cover £14.99, paid £3) some time ago and thought it would be something I would like to have alook through. This is just the workbook that goes with it, but the excercises inside look like real fun as I am such a navel-gazer.

The last book, Anthony Adolph's "Tracing Your Family History" (Cover price £20, cost £2) is not something I would usually buy for the simple reason that such books are usually about records kept in the UK/US and so would not be much help to me. However I noted that it had a chapter on immigration and another on the army which will be useful to me insh'Allah as our family geniology has been a long-term project for me and I would like to learn more to provide my generation with their own family record insh'Allah.

I paid more than I usually have to for these books, but I am very pleased with my haul.


  1. tracing your family history looks intresting!

  2. Assalam-alaikam Dear Sis,
    yes it is very interesting. I like talking to the old people and hearing their stories too. As you are a Punjabi like me, we would have a lot of themes in common: drought and plague in the Punjab, British rule, WW2 (a lot of Punjabi's served under the British) and emigration to the UK -interested yet?