Thursday 2 October 2008

Eid at Mum's

I had an absolutely lovely second day of Eid with my mum. Again, I planned to take pictures of her delicious food, but was too busy stuffing my face to remember. I had fun hanging out with my sisters and watched lots of Simpson's cartoons. I also ast with my gran who was poorly.

I was awake early in order to drop Little Lady to school (they only got one day off and she was NOT happy) so baked my mum some cakes. They looked good, but didn't taste very nice for various reasons (wrong ingredients, overcooked, undercooked etc). I advised my parents to just look at them.

I wore an outfit I bought for my brother-in-law's Mehndi do in Pakistan earlier this year(it's traditional to wear yellow, red and the khaki-green colour of dry henna).

Fashionista bought me the book I was hankering after (Martin Lings' Muhammad - His Life Based on the Earliest Sources) and Long-Suffering Sister bought me a nice swarovski bracelet as it's well known that I have a weakness for pretty shiny things.


  1. Eid-ul-Fitr Mubarak to you dear Umm Salihah:)
    Thanks for sharing your Ramadan Favorites with us:)
    Eid cakes look cute & delicious .I love the outfit and the bangles

  2. Mum its the though that counts and pretty cakes they sure are mashaallah! Glad you had a lovely 2nd Eid with the family! Love for shiny things BLING i belive its called!

  3. Assalamu alaikum sis, where did you get the silver balls from that you used on your cakes? It's just that the only ones I can ever find are the ones by supercook and they have pork gelatine in them. Lovely cakes ma x

  4. anonymous after your commnet i had a look at some tubs i got in TESCO yesterday by Dr. Oetker and astfillah they have pork geltin in them subhanallah thanks for the tip off alhamduilah i never used them yet also the tubs only cost 9p for 30g and now i am wondering if the ones in Algeria are haram too?

  5. Assalam-alaikam Anonymous and Sister Rainbow, thank you so much for the info. I used Dr Oetker's from Sainsburies and I checked the jelly gems and orange and lemon shapes and the flowers and they were all suitable for vegetarians. The only ones I didn't stupidly check were the silver balls and they do have pork gelatine astaghfirullah.

    I feel terrible. The only consolation is that the cakes for my parents tasted burnt so no-one ate them, may Allah (SWT) forgive me and reward you both insh'Allah

  6. Assalamu alaikum. Dearest sisters, from the photos I recognised Supercook's jelly diamonds, flowers etc especially as I have a cupboard stashed full of them since they have come down in price. I was 99% sure the silver balls were the Supercook ones but didn't want to sound judgemental. Yet I wanted to let you know how haraam they are. My friend also bought these and I asked her too where she found halal ones and this prompted her to look at the lable. All praise to Allah knower of all things. Let's hope we find some halal balls one day!

  7. shayma i was in TESCO today and i saw sliver balls in a tub with other decor costing £1.99 there were flowers , sugar, snowmen and sliver balls and they are halal made of something gum if you are desprate for the balls get them inshaAllah i am lumped with 3 tubs and don't have a recipt so they will go in the bin now.