Thursday 9 October 2008

Serendipity and Balance

It’s funny how things balance out sometimes. I tried to get hold of my husband yesterday to ask him to call a family friend and invite his wife to the Eid party. I couldn’t get hold of him and a little while later he called and said that the same friend had invited us to dinner that evening. I think that’s what you call serendipity. Anyway the prospect of not having to cook and eating food far tastier than what I manage to hash together was a no-brainer and I went over and also invited her in person. Thinking I have had a nice break midweek from cooking and also having got some rest, I was rather pleased until I got a call at 6.30am this morning from France. My dad-in-law’s best friend’s son (in Pakistani terms, that’s almost a close relation) is coming to stay – tonight. So I have my shopping list for the way home and will be in the kitchen tonight. The kids will be getting turfed out of their room so the guest can sleep there, but I think they will be very happy at the prospect of sleeping in our room.

Although hubby likes to remind me that guests are a blessing (because he gets to eat nice-ish food and is not the one in the kitchen), he wasn’t very impressed at the short notice. I reminded him that this gentleman had been calling for over a week and when I told him and brother-in-law neither paid any notice. Although thinking back now, I wonder if I took his call and planned to tell them, but never quite got round to telling anyone.

I will just have to remind the better half, his brother and our guest that they are not welcome in the house on Saturday as the hijabi’s will be letting their hair down so better find something to do and eat for the day.


  1. lol.. u tell em girl! and Ill stick up for you.. you obviously told them and they didnt take notice, dont doubt your abilities to pass on messages lol :D

  2. salams...hehe! A page out of my life...happens all the time!Makes me realise I shd never do it to others !

  3. Assalam-alaikam Sis Ammena,
    thanks for your vote of confidence, but I am starting to think I definitely didn't tell them.

    Assalam-alaikam Sister Indyana,
    I am strating to think I should do it to others MORE often, if I am their house laying baout and eating their food, then they can't be at my house!! Astaghfirullah, my husband has to remind me every now and again that guests are a blessing from Allah (SWT).