Tuesday 7 October 2008

Meme for Curious People.

I have been meaning to do this for ages since I was tagged by Sister Ummihabibati (or Sis Rainbow as I call her) for a tag on bloggers I wonder about. Of course, being a nosy person I am curious sometimes about:

Big Sis - I wonder what my bestest buddy is up to right now and whether she is destined for her very special trip this year insh’Allah.

Sis Rainbow - and how she is doing with home-schooling her kids and her thoughts on life in the UK for Muslims, I am sure she lives down the road from me (not literally, just not far away).

Sister Umm Nassim - and how on earth she finds all of the great resources that she links up to for us. (I found her Street Children series here and here brilliant, especially after Little Lady announced that she didn’t see any poor people in Pakistan and I was just lying. I think these video’s challenged her skewed world view deeply, they certainly moved her).

Sister Lubna - I wonder where she gets the inspiration for her delicious creations and what makes her love cooking so much.

Sis Ange - I wonder if she ever resorts to decking people when they annoy her, she sounds feisty.

Sister Umm Travis – and how she is managing in Egypt and whether she has picked up the language.

Sister Muslimah at Independent Learners - I wonder where she is right now, I think she lives quite near me too (small world). Also I wonder how she makes the time go by when her husband is away (with Jamaat, not away with the fairies) as mine occasionally is.

I also wonder how Sister Hijabi Apprentice (or Umm Mustapha aka Umm Patootie) and Sister iMuslimah (or Umm iBaby) are doing as new mums.

Brother Mr Moo - I wonder if his family find him as funny as we do, or whether his other half ever tells him to be quiet.

I think I was only supposed to tag five people. Well you have all been tagged!! Join in if you like.


  1. Salaams! I know one of the sisters and she doesn't live tooo far from me. I know you are in Ilford, so am I!! I hope we can meet some day! Have you ever been to Madinah Tots at Eton Rd? ws xx

  2. lol... i dont deck people... hahaha
    but im a lil bit feisty

  3. Salaam...now that we are exposed...does it mean more pressure to blog?

  4. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sister Umm Aishah!!
    mash'Allah nice to meet you, small world isn't it? I know about Madinah Tots, but have never been, although I did used to go for Tajweed lessons at Eton Road centre and they helped me a lot.

    Sis Ange,
    I agree, violence is not the answer...ahem.

    Sis Umm Nassim,
    No I don't think it does mean more pressure, we should only blog because we want to not because we feel obligated to. Also I think you are doing just fine as you are right now. I really like the Blogging wihtout Obligation Charter at http://www.tartx.com/blog/?page_id=233 - it serves as a good reminder

  5. Umm Salihah :) I with the help of close friends and my husband set up Madinah Tots some six years ago. Mashaallah one of my closest friends runs it whilst im now considering homeschooling my two older children (age 7 and 5) who go to a local Islamic school... I love reading your blog ma, i've just started one myself, inspired by you and other lovely sisters ma