Thursday 30 October 2008

Job Interviews and Dusty Computers

After almost three weeks of living under slowly descending layers of dust and having no internet connection at home (where I can upload pictures), someone thought fit (thinking better half or brother-in-law) to reconnect it. So I am sitting here at the dustiest computer I have ever seen waiting for the dinner to cook and trying to decide what to post about first (whilst the boys fight over a rubber band - what are toys for anyway?). I hope I haven't been too miserable or maudlin over the last few weeks/posts, but this has been a time of learning and maybe even insight for me. Despite the chaos (below), I feel good and I feel calm and peaceful alhamdulillah (thank you for your dua's).

Oh, and I have gone from feeling down on my job and a bit hopeless to getting e-mails for three job interviews today. Of course I was elated and it was a boost to my confidence. Now I just have to deal with the brick-wall that has sprung up around my comfort zone to keep me in. I'm also very heartened by a kind friend who looked at my application and took time and thought to correct and help me improve it, not for the first time either.

Packing up the family room (books, toys, computer, craft stuff, pram, coats and hats, stationary and filing).

Taking out the chimney and murdering the computer table and carpet in the process (Oh how happy I am to see the back of those curtains - oh look you can see the rickety fence through the window that got a big hole in it while we were in Pakistan - do you think it was magic?).

The beginnings of a new wall and the death-knell for the new carpet.

The current situation. There's still lots to do, but the room is beginning to take shape, I am very excited firstly because it will be like a blank canvas and secondly because wherever we have lived, me and hubby have made the best of what is there and hidden the bits we don't like. This is the first time we have done so much rather than patch jobs. I haven't decided on the colour scheme and the sofa is chocolate-coloured leather so the options I have in mind are:

  • splashes of rainbow in the curtains, cushions and rug (reflected in the books and toys in the shelves on the wall) or
  • shades of blue and green everywhere (as I am mad on green) or
  • natural shdes throughout - calm and peaceful, but maybe a little boring.

Any ideas anyone?


  1. Aslamu alakum sister
    nice hearing your voice , i hate decor the result i like its the up heaval and stress that comes with not to mention cleaning but inshaAllah worth it in the end and i pray it wil be for you looking nice already just needs colours now , sorry hopeless but simple patterns with warm shades hee and there would look lovely!

    Hope things work out on the work front too.

  2. Assalam-alaikam Sister,
    so you know how i feel. I'm gunning for green and blues, but I am sure my husband will turn up with something random and interesting to challenge me.