Sunday 12 October 2008

Party Food

Samosa's, and potato croquettes from Umm Umar (my next door neighbour). Chicken and chips courtesy of Kooky Little Sister.

Delicious noodles kindly made by Umm Ahsan, I couldn't stop picking out the bits of spicy chicken (I will ask her for the recipe).

Sandwiches (sorry about the blurry picture) were from Fashionista Sister. They were delicious (chicken and cucumber filling) and everyone asked for the recipe (she has told me before,but I forgot so will ask her again). My neighbour remembered them from last year and asked me to remind Fashionista to make them.

I made pilau rice and chicken curry (seems to be a lot of that in my house recently). Long-suffering Sister fried samosa's and spring rolls and my aunty contributed Chana Chaat , I was too busy eating and running around to take any more pics by this point (and fighting with my sisters).

One of my sisters friends brought along fresh cream cakes from a shop in Whitechapel that really caught everyone's attention (they were seriously melt-in-the-mouth).

Our friend Stacey made the most beautiful Eid cake ever which I will be taking over to my mums today to show off and share, she also chopped up our Indian mithai from France into bitesizes and arranged it very nicely (I learnt this from afriend who used four of five peices of left over mithai and chopped it into small peices then arranged it with dates and almonds into a beautiful display).

All in all the spread was delicious and varied. Guests took some home and there was plenty left for today (I had noodles for brekkie and sandwishes for brunch). Alhamdulillah for good food, good friends and leftovers.

I didn't see any of the children eat anything but sweets and drink coke (despite my warnings not to touch) which turned them slightly manic.


  1. Since I missed the plane I definitely have to move to the UK... Can I have the chicken/cucumber recipe please?

  2. Assalam-alaikam Sister Umm Nassim,
    come on over, you'd love London.
    Yep, first chance I get I will post the recipe. I might ask my friend Umm Saad for her version too as hers taste great.

  3. yummy , looks like my kinda party! hope you had fun!

  4. Assalamu alaykum,
    hope you had fun! Certainly lovely food.
    mash'Allah! Wish i was there....

  5. Looks like u havea great feast...everything is so mouthwatering!! great job