Sunday 21 September 2008

Some Eid Cards for my Mum

I had planned to give the Eid cards a rest, but my gran requested some to send from herself and as my mum hasn't been too well, I offered to send some from her to family members along with mine, so I put some together very quickly from designs I had used before and from the bits and peices left in my craft box. Some of these are simple designs, others are experimental, but i am happier with these than the last ones I made.


  1. masha' usual they're very pretty.....

  2. Sister,

    Indeed you should be more than just happy with these precious cards, you should be ecstatic! They are beautiful!!!!!

  3. Assalam-alaikam Umm Zakariyya,
    thank you for your kind comment.

    Assalam-alaikam Nazarina,
    welcome and thank you for your sweet comment, you've made my day.
    I visited your blog btw and have been sitting here gobsmacked - absolutely gorgeous.

  4. They r awesome ...nice to c ur creative part ...n i loved ur handmade jewellary

  5. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Love your eid cards..ever think of selling them?