Tuesday 2 September 2008

The Novice Teaching the Novice

I have been making slow headway with Little Lady in teaching her Quran and so have decided to start Little Man off as well. I’m not sure how good the timing is as he is due to start nursery next week insh’Allah. Part of the reason was that I was having a problem with teaching LL whilst LM was doing everything he could to distract her. So I have spent the last week asking him to get his hat and book and join us and he has refused completely (he would rather play with his noisiest toys right next to us). So in desperation two days ago I waved my slipper at him and told him to get going. It seemed to work as he went running into the other room, grabbed his dad’s kufi and an Ahsan-ul Aqaid book and sat right down. I felt a bit bad as I have always said that I will try to engender a love of Quran and learning in my children rather than turn it into a chore – but it did work.

So for the third day running we are on Aliph-Baa (A..B…) and we are starting Al-Fatihah (he is still trying to memorise the title). Every 30 seconds or so he asks if he can read some more, then looks disappointed when I say yes. It was hard work for all three of us and very mentally and funnily enough physically exhausting for all of us. Aside from getting a start on learning Quran there have been other positive effects: the kids are ravenous by dinner time and tired enough to go to bed soon after.


  1. assalamualikum sis.

    Oh sis,i can relate so much to this.
    The same thing happens with me,when I sit to teach my eldest.
    And what a coincidence,i too have made neeyah to teach my kids daily during this month,.InshAllah

  2. Assalam-alaikam Sister Ummsaaz,
    It's hard work isn't it - I just keep telling myself nothing good comes easy. So now I have two of them sitting down practising and the baby has started up - chattering away loudly, throwing tasbih's at us, throwing himself at us), wish I could post a video of is descending into silliness and chaos. Will keep trying with them insh'Allah.