Tuesday 23 September 2008

Ramadan Recipes: Fruit Chaat

This dish is usually prepared during Ramadan in Pakistani households, but can also be served as a healthy dessert or even as an appetizer. It’s a good way to clear out the fruit in the bowl which is getting a bit soft. I tend not to use apples or pears which are too firm as they don’t sit as comfortably in the mouth with the soft melon or banana. You can dice the fruit as chunky as you like, but I tend to go quite small as you get a good mixture of tastes on your spoon. The pleasure is in the contrast between the heat of the spices and burst of cool sweetness in your mouth.

1 apple, peeled and quartered and diced (not too firm)
1 pear, peeled quartered and diced (not too firm)
1 pomegranate decanted
1 -2 guavas with the seed’s removed and diced
Half of a small melon, diced
Large pinch chaat masala (take care as this stuff can be very strong)
Handful grapes, halved.
1 banana, chopped/diced.
½ a Papaya peeled, deseeded and diced.
1 tangerine/Satsuma separated into slices and chopped into smaller pieces.
A few rings of pineapple, diced (I usually empty out a small tin and include the syrup).
Can use a few drops of lemon juice or a few tablespoons of orange juice if desired.

Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl and serve. I usually get someone else to remove the seeds from the pomegranate and chop the melon and guava first. I prepare the pear and apple at the end so they don’t start going brown.

If you don’t have chaat masala available, then a pinch of black salt and pepper should do the trick.


  1. hey i usually add blackpepper with some sugar n salt...black salt is sumthing new to me

  2. Salaams Anjum,
    I notice that some people add sugar, have never tried that, might do so.

  3. Fruit Chaat looks gr8. Refreshing bowl for Iftars. I too have the same bowl u used to serve that fruit chaat. I just painted left over Nail paints to it and it turn out to be something like this.

  4. I just posted recipes sent by you. Take time to visit my blog and let me know if you need any changes. Happy Ramadan

  5. Assalam-alaikam Sister Lubna,
    I have seen the dish you are talking about and really liked it. I thought you used proper glass paint, I never thought of using nail paints - you've just given me a new material to use.

  6. I really like those yummy and lovely fruit chaat1